Leading with purpose

Our passion extends well beyond the beverages at KUL MOCKS. We are proud to be a majority women-owned business and are determined to help people live their best lives. In a fast paced world where there's an option for just about anything, we couldn't believe there wasn't a ready-to-drink line of mocktails just a short time ago in 2019. 

At the start of Summer 2020, we began bringing the KUL MOCKS experience to designated drivers, the sober and sober curious, expectant and nursing moms and the millions of health conscious consumers across the US who had been looking for ways to cut back on alcohol.

We're just getting started
We are one of the first of our kind on the market in the NEW and emerging ready-to-drink mocktail category. As we continue to grow and get into the hands of more consumers across the country, we're committed to sharing our success to make a difference. 

We are proud to share that we are a GOLD SPONSOR of the Sober Mom Squad (SMS). SMS is a Squad of Moms who are exploring an alcohol free lifestyle, already sober and everything in between!  As a GOLD SPONSOR, we support SMS Group Coaching Sessions and provide Membership Scholarships to support women on their motherhood journey nationwide.