Creating KUL MOCKS wasn’t just about the beverages, it was about creating the experience of drinking a cocktail, without the alcohol. The Wisconsin-based brand stems from the vision of husband and wife duo Nate and Danielle Goss who were overjoyed when they found out they were expecting their first child. As a couple who took pleasure in socializing over cocktails, they began seeking non-alcoholic options for Danielle. In the process, they quickly realized that booze-free cocktails and ready-to-drink mocktails were hard to find or non-existent in stores, bars and restaurants. 

The “non-alcoholic” beers and wines they were able to find still didn’t meet Danielle’s needs as many of these options still contained a small amount of alcohol. Likewise, other options like soda and sparkling water didn’t fill the void of having social cocktails with family and friends. Because of that, Danielle – also a Registered Dietitian by trade – spent the summer and fall of 2019 creating her own mocktails from scratch. 

As months passed, they felt strongly that they weren’t the only ones looking for ready-to-drink mocktails and began seriously considering starting a beverage company. After an extensive market analysis, conducting focus groups and consulting beverage industry experts, they found the demand for 100% booze-free options extended well beyond pregnant women. In fact, they learned that the world’s continued focus on health and wellness created a new group of consumers who classify themselves as “sober curious” or “mindful drinkers” fueling the demand for low- and no-alcohol beverages.  Danielle states, “All I wanted was for Nate to be able to head to the local store, grab a 6-pack of beer for him and a pack of something that tasted great and gave me the same social experience I’d get from drinking a cocktail, but without the booze. Time and time again I said to Nate, 'How isn’t there anything out there like this? Is it too much to ask?'”


The result of these findings led Nate and Danielle to run with the idea. Both passionate entrepreneurs with big dreams for their family, they started Kul Beverages LLC with the support of close family and friends and began formulating beverages for the KUL MOCKS brand just months before becoming a family of 3.



Nate and Danielle Goss (pictured with daughter Macy)