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Hit The Snooze On Booze For Sober October

Boozeless, not boring!

Cutting back or hitting the snooze on booze can be hard. At KUL MOCKS, we're helping everyone feel a part of the social drinking experience. Whether you're playing around with ways to cut back, taking a break for #SoberOctober or you just want a great craft cocktail without the effects of alcohol; we can help with that!

What is Sober October?

Similar to the ever-so-popular "Dry January", Sober October has actually been around since 2014. The campaign started in the UK to help people ditch booze and raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. The 2020 pandemic escalated the awareness of Sober October in the US and now Americans are taking it up as an opportunity to either cut back or completely avoid alcohol for 31 days.

If I participate, are there health benefits?

Obviously! Here are a few benefits you may find quite enjoyable prior to kicking off the holiday season ;)

  1. Reduced stress

  2. Longer and better sleep

  3. Improved physical health

  4. Increased immunity

  5. Improved liver function

  6. Brighter skin

  7. Improved blood pressure and cholesterol

  8. Reduction in risk for diabetes and certain blood cancers

  9. Should we keep going!? The list goes on, but these are the top ones to consider.

Secrets for success

As we like to say, "The rules are, there are no rules!" Taking a month off from alcohol for Sober October typically has meant no alcohol at all. At KUL MOCKS, we encourage you to evaluate your relationship with alcohol, figure out how cutting back or going alcohol free for 31 days might benefit you and build a plan that is aligned with your personal health goals. You've got this! P.S. If you want delicious hand-crafted mocktails to make cutting back easy...we've got you ;)



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